Premade Overlays

So your stream is looking a little boring huh?  

Whether you’re tired of wasting time with those free templates made by some kid who pirated Photoshop, or maybe you’ve never even used a premade stream overlay before…  You’re just a few clicks away from truly impressing your viewers with one of our professionally made Twitch overlay templates.

Each Overlay Is Completely Adjustable

Want a different color? No problem. Want to add or remove some text? We can do that too.

We handle everything for you once you’ve picked out your favorite overlay template. Just tell us your gamer name, choose from our various available options, and we’ll make all the necessary edits for you so you don’t have to worry about dealing with any of the graphic work yourself.

How To Buy One Of Our Awesome Premade Overlays

First, look for the blue Add To Cart button on the product page – click it.


Then once you’ve reached the checkout page you’ll want to make sure you fill out all the necessary fields:


Username – We’ll replace the USERNAME text on your Twitch overlay template with the name you provide here.


Color – Most layout templates allow for your own custom color options. If you don’t want the default colors, use the Color Picker to let us know what color you want to change it to.


Text Options – Many of the overlays have room for text on either side of the template, which means you’ve got plenty of freedom here on what you want displayed. Tell us exactly what and where you want the text placed on your premade overlay.


For example: Left side: “Latest Donation” Right side: Twitter / Instagram
Or Left side: “Current Song” Right side: “New Follower”


And if you don’t want any text, just leave this section blank.


Social Media – For the overlays that have room to display your social media, this is where you tell us your username(s) for the ones you want shown.


After you’ve filled out everything correctly, hit the Purchase button and you’ll be taken to PayPal where you can complete your secure payment.


We’ll then be notified of your recent purchase and get started right away on designing your new overlay. This process can take anywhere between 24-72 hours, depending on what day of the week it is, and how many orders we’re working on.


When your Twitch overlay is finished we’ll promptly send it to the email you gave us during checkout.


And that’s it!


Sounds easy enough, right? Well let’s get started…