Custom Designers Wanted

Are You Interested In Getting More Clients?

We’re currently getting more custom design requests than we can handle so we’re looking for a few really good designers who want consistent work, designing custom graphics for streamers.

You can get an idea of the type of work our customers come to us for over on our portfolio page here and an idea of our custom design process and prices here.

We’re looking for designers who are not only passionate and skilled at designing, but are mature and act professional when working with clients.


Here’s how it works:

  • When a new custom design inquiry comes to us, we’ll contact you to see if you’re interested in the project
  • If you are, we’ll setup a group text convo in Gmail using Google Hangouts (super simple to use)
  • From there you’ll get a better idea of what the client wants and you’ll give them a price for the project
  • If they accept, the client will PayPal us the money first
  • Once the project is complete we’ll send you your cut of the money (like any type of service referral type deal, you keep 80% of whatever money you make from the clients we bring you)


So if you’re a designer looking for more work designing badass custom graphics for streamers, then please fill out the application below.


  • For example: Overlays $60 - Logos $100 - Offline Screens $40 etc... We realize prices vary based on the custom design requests, but just give us a ballpark 🙂